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Download Jumpstart For Wireless Windows 7 [Latest]




AceKing: that's a nice new feature, /me goes about figuring out what package it's part of maco, but it'll run on my laptop, which has Intel 7300 AGN MaMoX: ahh ok quint8: to restart your session, ctrl+alt+f1, login, type 'init 5', then 'login', then'sudo reboot' MaMoX: i think the kernel module is called intel_agp quint8: restarting X is a much more dangerous action to take, if that's what you want MaMoX: which will disable the integrated graphics and replace it with a non-integrated one reisio: tnx, I'll try ok, but I want to be able to use my integrated graphics on the Windows box. As it is now it doesn't work at all and I can't use the PCI express on my laptop card Hello folks reisio: no, i'm running it as an app using it as a monitor (it has usb port in case i need to connect keyboard/mouse). I'll log out to try reboot there is a bug report in launchpad that says they had to disable it in order to use the PCI Express on their laptop MaMoX: if you need windows to run in VB then get a new wireless stick that's usb 2.0 and get a cheap compact disc recorder so you can save the driver reisio: works, thanks quick question: My ubuntu software center has no packages to be installed, how can I make it up? (I'm on 11.10) Tiger2: make what up? What happened? You just want to fix the "no packages to be installed" problem? how do i remove a service that is installed but no longer working? jrib: Yes, I think my system froze up azizLIGHTS: the package probably has a "remove" option in its




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Download Jumpstart For Wireless Windows 7 [Latest]

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